Narayana engineering college-Nellore

In order to strengthen the activities undertaken under Research & Development Centre it has been decided to revise the Institutional Research Policy along with the following updated members. The senior faculty members of the department will act as coordinators and they will monitor the research and development works. The Institute Governing Body has approved the committee members to implement the same from the academic year 2020-21 onwards. R & D centre will receive applications seeking research proposals from the interested faculty and students. The received applications will be scrutinized by the committee and suitable proposals will be granted the seed money.

S.No Name of the faculty Designation Role Signature E-mail Id
1 Dr.G.Srinivasulu Reddy Principal Chairman 9392901051 principal@necn.ac.in
2 Dr.U Subramanyam Dean R&D Co-Chair 9704608399 usmanyam.udatha@gmail.com
3 Dr. G.Venkateswarlu HOD-EEE Member 9494751962 hodeee@necn.ac.in
4 Dr.K.Murali HOD-ECE Member 9441818312 hodece@necn.ac.in
5 Dr. C.Rajendra HOD-CSE Member 9392901063 hodcse@necn.ac.in
6 Dr.AVS Sreedhar Kumar HOD-ME Member 7893759976 hodmechanical@necn.ac.in
7 Mrs. G.Venkatalakshmi HOD-CE Member 8374508167 lak.june16@gmail.com
8 Dr.R.Vani HOD-MBA Member 9392901066 r.vanirishna@gmail.com
9 Dr.G.Dhanunjhay Dean MBA Member   deanmba@necn.ac.in
10 Dr.J. Suresh Babu HOD-MCA Member 9912155717 drjsureshbabu@gmail.com
11 Dr.Akhib Khan Bahamani Professor, EEE Member 8885673514 akhib71@gmail.com
12 Dr. P. Selva Kumarasamy Professor, ECE Member 9486028970 selvakumarasamyk@gmail.com
13 Dr. K. M. Vara Prasad Professor, CSE Member 9490143999 varaprasad.kmv@gmail.com


Function as Incubation Center for the development of Industry-Academia Collaboration Projects; that continuously enhances the students skills catering to the needs of industry.


  • Establishing full-fledged infrastructure for the Research and Development activities of the Institution
  • Allocating dedicated Personnel with ample of Industry and Research experience for R&D Cell
  • Exploring National and International Funding opportunities for carrying out research work and infrastructure development
  • Publishing research articles in Reputed National and International Journals through students and staff
  • Establishing MOU's with reputed Research and Industry bodies for strengthening Lab infrastructure and faculty status.


Technical education paves the way for innovation and creativity. A strong base for research and development is very important to achieve this. Realizing the importance of research & development (R&D), the R&D Centre was established in Narayana Engineering College Nellore. The purpose of this procedure is to help students to provide proper coordination of all the activities of research of the Institute and aligning these to the vision and mission of the institution along with the national sustainable development goals through research & development centre.

The Institution has adopted a Research Policy that establishes a research environment that supports high standards of research integrity, research excellence, and professional conduct. The Institution serves the community by transmitting knowledge through teaching and with a strong determination of sharing knowledge through research. it also aims at obtaining that the activities of the research in the Institute obey all the significant rules and guidelines of the UGC, AICTE and affiliating University as well as to the accustomed norms and standard relating to the safe and ethical conduct of research.

Narayana Engineering College, Nellore is leading body education and therefore reach quality standards in provision research development activities college. There is need to set a goal ensuring that college is centre excellence in research development activity. Overall aim of purpose is enable Narayana Engineering College, Nellore provide excellence research innovation practices.

Objectives Research Development Centre:
  • Identify & inform the faculty and students about suitable funded / sponsored research opportunities notified different research, academic, industry government non-government organizations.
  • To advice on thrust areas and disciplines for introducing research programmes and related activities for future development in research.
  • Through consultancy projects, the Institution also provides scope for faculties and students to work on the recent trends in technology and the evolving technologies with industry standards.
  • Identify Industry-Institute interaction through MOUs for relationships with national and international academic institutions higher learning and widening the scope research options the faculties and students.
  • To create awareness about Intellectual Property Rights and Patents, encourage Innovation and motivate them to apply for IPR/Patents.
  • To encourage and promote the faculty & student research publication of their research work/projects in ostensible academic Scopus Indexed Journals (National/International).
  • To improve the quality of research publications, the Institution has introduced a scheme of reimbursement of publication charges/registration fees and rewards for various categories of Journals as well as for Research Project Grants.
  • To create an ecosystem for innovations, foster & encourage entrepreneurship including incubation center, and other initiatives for creation and transfer of knowledge.
Research & Development Centre (R&D Centre):

The Institute has a number of high-end research centers to strengthen the research activities. teaching-learning facilities, and employability for UG and PG students. The establishment of new centers also enhances the research among faculty members and students on various recent technology domains and improves the Industry-Institute interaction.

Roles & Responsibilities of the Committee
  • Institute has a number of high end research centers to strengthen the research activities, teaching learning facilities and employability for UG and PG students.
  • To identify and inform faculty and students about the suitable funded /sponsored research opportunities notified by different research, academics, industry or government & non-government organizations.
  • To provide support to the faculty research efforts and to encourage student research as part of the curriculum.
  • To promote multidisciplinary research and set up methodologies for undertaking and preparing collaborative research projects covering different domains of knowledge as well as policies or involving external experts/agencies in such research projects.
  • To encourage and promote faculty & student research publication of their research work/projects in ostensible academic Scopus Indexed Journals (National/International).
  • Establish function Ecosystem for Scouting Ideas and Pre-Incubation of Ideas.
  • To develop better cognitive ability amongst technology students.
  • Organize periodic Ideation Day/Workshops/Seminars/Interactions with Entrepreneurs, Investors, Professionals, and create a mentor pool for student innovators.
  • To create awareness about Intellectual Property Rights and Patents, encourage Innovation and motivate them to apply for IPR/Patents.
  • Frequency of committee meeting :
  • Twice in the every Academic Year. Preferably one meeting at Starting & other attending of A.Y
  • Committee may conduct meeting as and when required.